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Seuraava kurssi: 31.08.2020 – 07.05.2021

EDG 2019-2020

"I learned more in 9 months on Andrew's drama course than in 4 years at university." (Elsi Vehkaniemi)

25 Years In Another Land

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Now boasting more than 25 successful years under the leadership of internationally renowned theatre educator Andrew Fearn, this is the only full-time drama course in Finland to operate totally in English and is unparalleled.

Famous for its student-centred approach, this unique course offers a solid foundation for those keen to improve their chance of finding entry to an English-speaking drama school or university. The 9-month course combines theoretical studies and practical work in line with the basic elements demanded by theatre schools and academies in Great Britain. Students are assessed on all of their work and on completion of the course are awarded a certificate which  reflects their efforts and the diversity of their studies.


Applicants should be 16 y.o.(There is no upper age limit and nationality is not a bar: former students have hailed from Finland, Russia, Tanzania, UK, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Latvia, S. Africa, France, Italy and so on.). Previous experience is not a requirement. Having sufficient skill with the English language and having the will to work and learn and progress are much more important. Students will need motivation and commitment.

Skills cannot be learned by merely reading a book or watching a documentary. Academic theory combined with practical experience and then applied with enthusiasm to suitable subject matter is the way that skills are developed. Mistakes sometimes need to be made, in an atmosphere of enjoyable discovery, for growth to occur. Hard work and fun should go hand in hand. These principles play a significant part in the structuring and methodologies behind this course.

This course is designed for students interested in drama or theatre  and wondering what the first serious steps are.  It is also ideal for those who wish to experience something completely different or would like to improve their English and develop their confidence. Some former students used the course to further their language skills, develop their confidence and learn about themselves and their place in the world and have gone on to successful careers outside the realms of theatre and drama.

Contact teaching hours are approximately 25 hours per week from Monday to Friday, and students are expected to add 15 hours per week private study.

Admission to the course may be subject to informal interview and entrance assessment.

Former English Drama student Johanna Koivu


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