The scheduled syllabus requires active participation.

College staff take care of tidiness in the main building’s communal areas and classrooms as well as in dormitories’ communal areas and sanitary facilities. Students are responsible for cleaning their rooms and taking their garbage to the relevant garbage collection points themselves. Cleaning materials are provided by the college. The rooms are checked during holidays and at the end of the course for tidiness. In case the room is in bad shape, the occupants will be charged a penalty of €100 for extra cleaning services.

Students are mostly accommodated in 2-bed rooms. An extra fee is charged for single accommodation. Students are required to vacate their rooms for the Christmas holidays. Storage facilities are provided to the students if required.

Locking the doors
The residents of the dormitories are given keys. Each key unlocks the dormitory’s main entrance and the door to your room. The main entrances are open on working days from 7.00 – 22.00 and are locked the rest of time. In case you lock yourself out of your room, it will be opened for a charge of €15 by the real estate care-taking service.
All residents are responsible for their own personal property. The College charges € 35 per lost key.
It is not allowed to give out your key to any other person!!!

Work in peace
A peaceful studying environment must be maintained in the dormitories. Quiet time is from 23.00 to 07.00. Drunk or any other inappropriate behavior is prohibited.

Office matters
The office is open from 8.00 to 15.15 on working days to assist students in all matters pertaining to student allowance, student cards, travelling certificates etc. Students can also purchase stamps, make photocopies or printouts for 0,10€ (b/w) and 0,20€ (coloured)

Lights in communal areas should be switched off at 23.00. Everyone is responsible for switching off the lights and locking the doors when moving around the campus.

Chimney hall (Takkahuone)
The chimney hall is at the students’ disposal and it can be booked at the office. The hall should be cleaned before 12:00 the following day.

Students’ sauna times are on Wednesdays:
19.00 – 20.30 women
20.30 – 22.00 men
Information about possible changes appears on info-boards as well as on the screen in the lobby.

Smoking / Fire safety
Smoking is only allowed in reserved areas. Smoking on the porches and burning candles in the rooms are prohibited. Extra caution with fire is required in the main building. All the rooms are equipped with automatic fire-alarm sensors in accordance with the law. The sensors are sensitive to steam, smoke, hairspray etc. Use sprays in the bathroom with the door shut. Should the fire alarm be set off accidentally or on purpose, the responsible person/s will have to pay a fine of €830,00 to the fire department. This is the new national policy of the fire brigade.

Cars must be kept in the parking lot. The use of service vehicles is permitted. Block heaters can be rented from the office (10 € / month).

The washing machine is located in Loima, and it operates with tokens. One wash-token costs 3€.

The college is closed during holidays. During holidays and weekends, rooms can be used for accommodating short course participants. Those who stay on campus at the weekend should inform the office at the latest on Friday morning.

The campus is equipped with wireless Internet.

Evening guests
Over-night guests must be announced and paid for in advance (20€ / night, bedding included). Should guests wish to have meals whilst visiting, they may purchase that directly form the canteen. Students are responsible for their guests following the general campus regulations. Strangers are not allowed to enter the dormitories for security reasons.

College fees must be paid in accordance with the dates stipulated on the invoice. Payments are charged on the basis of full calendar weeks. Discounts are only possible when a medical certificate is submitted.

Posters can only be put onto the wall molding. Pins, nails, putty or any other damaging items are not allowed. Renovation expenses will be charged for any damaged walls.

Dealing with issues
Students, teachers or personnel who have some issues, ideas, suggestions etc. may present them at students’ or staff meeting.

Telephone numbers
Areal code: 02
Office: 560 7750
Principal: 560 7757
Vice-principal 560 7752
Should keys be locked in the rooms, the duty officer can be contacted on 046 542 4359. (A penalty of €15 will be charged if the duty-officer needs to unlock a room after hours.)


Public health nurse
The public health nurse is available on Tuesdays 14.45 – 16.00. She receives students in the room next to the principal´s office. Other visits per appointment (tel. 044-7728322).

Severe breaking of the rules leads to:
1) Warning
2) Expulsion from the dormitory
3) Expulsion from the college

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