Tasty home-cooked meals!


The kitchen at the College offers delicious home-cooked food. Fresh local produce is used as much as possible in the preparation of meals. Special dietary needs are taken into account (vegetarian meals included). Bread is freshly baked every day.

Foreign students visit the college on a regular basis, which creates the opportunity to dine with people from different cultures. These visiting students like to cook special meals from their countries on occasion, while the kitchen staff prepares typical national dishes on Finnish celebration days. Our friendly kitchen ladies have years of experience and gladly serve our student community. They are innovative in their cooking and are always open to new ideas.

Meal Times

Breakfast (Mon-Fri) 8-9
Lunch (Mon-Fri) 11.30-12.30

The kitchen does not operate in the evenings and during weekends, but dormitories are equipped with kitchens where students can prepare their own meals at any time.

The school’s cafeteria serves students and people from outside. You are welcome to enjoy delicious lunches on working days. We offer food made at the school as well as a selection of our own bread on some occasions. The price is only 7,5€!

Viikot: 35, 40, 45, 50

Ma             Kinkkukiusaus
Ti               Lihapyörykät
Ke              Kalaleike
To              Kesäkeitto, jälkiruokapuuro
Pe              Stifado

Viikot: 36, 41, 46, 51

Ma             Lehtikaali-broilervuoka
Ti               Palapaisti
Ke              Jauhelihavuoka
To              Peruna-purjokeitto, pulla
Pe              Herkkulohipihvi

Viikot: 37, 42, 47

Ma             Uunimakkara
Ti               Broilerinrintaleike
Ke              Lasagne
To              Kaali-kidneypapukeitto, omenapaistos
Pe              Liha-juurespata

 Viikot: 38, 43, 48

Ma             Makkarakastike
Ti               Kasvispihvi, broilersalaatti
Ke              Smetanapossu
To              Kalakeitto, piirakka
Pe              Jauhelihapihvi

Viikot: 39, 44, 49

Ma             Kaalikääryleet
Ti               Lohikiusaus
Ke              Nakkistroganoff
To              Lihakeitto, rahka
Pe              Palermon pasta

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