There are four dormitories on campus: Toivola,  Päivänpaiste (shared bathroom facilities),  Loima and Paideia (bathroom facilities in the room). Each dormitory is equipped with a kitchen and a lounge.

In addition, there are three cottages on the campus (built in 2010-2011 with toilets and showers in the sauna building) and a house called “Koivulehto”. All of these are available to be rented for accommodation. – There are three cottages on campus (built in 2010-2011 with shower and WC facilities in the adjacent sauna building). These are available for rent.


built in 1989
bathroom facilities en suite
laundry downstairs
partly renovated in 2014-2015


built in the sixties
shared bathroom facilities
renovated in 2008


built in 1998
bathroom facilities en suite
surface renovated in 2013


built in 1935
shared bathroom facilities
partly renovated during the years 2011-14

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