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02.09.2019 – 08.05.2020




The course offers tools for professional studies in dance in Finland and abroad. The aim is to give young people a realistic picture of the work of a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. Students are exposed to the diversity of the dance discipline and get to meet professionals in the art scene.


The Dance Arts line at West Finland College is aimed at people who are interested in personal growth and to develop their skills as dancers, dance teachers and choreographers.  Students can develop their abilities in dance techniques, learn about dance through theoretical studies and widen their knowledge of other professions related to dance.

This course offers tools to pursue your studies in professional dance schools. Students can also spend a year studying dance at West Finland College, even though they may not want to pursue a career in this profession. Dance builds character and helps to move more easily and elegantly, which is useful in many circumstances during the life. 

Studies in the Dance course are presented in co-operation with the University of the Arts Helsinki
with 20 open university credits in accordance with their degree requirements.

The head teacher of the Dance Arts department is Heli Keskikallio,is assisted by other dance experts from different dance areas, such as Marko Carlson and Niina Kastari.

Guest teachers include:
Sari Palmgren (contemporary dance, production), Juha Helppikangas (acrobatics), Mikko Makkonen (contemporary and break dance), Vera Lapitskaya (ballet, improvisation and contemporary dance), Tiina Santavuo (street and contemporary dance), Riina Kalmi (contact and cotemporary dance), Evan Schoombie (singing), Anne Helminen (drama), Osku Leinonen (butoh,qigong), Lotta Lähteenmäki (disco), Janne Aspvik (kontaktityöskentely, nykytanssi), Sari Tuunanen (kontaktityöskentely, nykytanssi), Janita Rannisto-Leskinen (jazz dance, body conditioning), Anna-Maria Paadar (jazz  dance, dance theater), Nina Andström (street dance), Merja Koskiniemi-Laitinen (jazz dance, dance analysis and historia).

The duration of the course is nine months. Throughout the year we develop  technical skills in contemporary dance, ballet and jazz dance. During the autumn students prepare their own solo choreography. The academic year culminates in the final production that the students prepare during the spring period.
There are 25 contact teaching hours per week, usually from Monday to Thursday. In addition, students have homework and self study.

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