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The current academic year: 28.8.2017 - 4.5.2018

The next academic year: 27.8.2018 - 10.5.2019


English Drama

Now boasting more than 20 successful years under the leadership of internationally renowned theatre educator Andrew Fearn, this is the only full-time drama course in Finland to operate totally in English and is unparalleled.

Finnish Language and Culture

Everyone who is interested in Finnish language is welcome to attend the course regardless of age or nationality. Immigrants may check with the employment office for the criteria for applying for unemployment benefits.
English course

English Language

Would you like to learn English or improve your current level of spoken and written English? Länsi-Suomen opisto offers a four month conversational course for Finnish and other language speakers. Lessons focus on sharpening one's speaking and communication skills.

Dance Arts line

The Dance Course at West Finland College is aimed at people who are interested in developing themselves and their skills as dancers and choreographers.